These 15 Internet Fails From The Past Week Will Have You Rolling On The Floor Laughing

Hello everybody, and welcome to the weekly post where I share funny fails from Twitter with you. My entire feed this week was taken up by Taylor Swift and WGA news (not fails!), but nevertheless, I persisted — and bravely waded through thousands of tweets from swifties and happy screenwriters to bring you...these. My fails. Please enjoy.

1. This lamppost design:

Twitter: @almondmilkhunni

2. This thrift store display:

Twitter: @JBRylah

3. The NYPD purportedly putting a menorah (and apples and honey) in their Yom Kippur post:

Twitter: @DrewSav

At least they didn't say "Happy Yom Kippur!"

4. This amazing tweet. Me when I eat a piece of chicken with ketchup and seemingly ranch:

Twitter: @tswifterastour

Twitter: @zachraffio

5. This really normal patient-dentist interaction:

Twitter: @KindaHagi

6. The state of our education:

Twitter: @mooninnscorpio

7. ...The state of our education, part 2:

Twitter: @JontyUsborne

8. This???

Twitter: @erewhonsmoothie

9. This, LOL, because I love that Kenneth Branagh is doing these movies, but I just read this book and then watched the movie, and I had NO idea why this was in there:

Twitter: @LeCinephiles

Sorry, Kenneth. :(

10. This very confusing but funny exchange:

Twitter: @haunthtml

11. French, as a language:

Twitter: @LRH_Superfan

12. Google's AI:

Twitter: @TylerGlaiel

13. This amazing comment thread:

Twitter: @hourly_shitpost

14. This stupid cat. Figure it out, cat!

Twitter: @ShouldHaveCat

15. And finally, this DoorDash driver:

Twitter: @uncledoomer