15 Famous Women Who Have Found Happiness (Or Not) With Partners 15+ Years Their Junior

Recently, the topic of age differences in relationships has been a huge conversation. From Leo DiCaprio to Al Pacino, people are definitely not letting up.

So, let's change up the discussion a bit and talk about some famous women who have dated someone 15+ years younger than them:

1.Cher and A.E. Edwards — 40-Year Age Gap

Cher and A.E. Edwards

2.Sandra Bullock and Ryan Gosling — 16-Year Age Gap

Ryan Gosling and Sandra Bullock

3.Jada Pinkett Smith and August Alsina — 21-Year Age Gap

August Alsina and Jada Pinkett Smith

4.Kylie Minogue and Joshua Sasse — 20-Year Age Gap

Kylie Minogue and Joshua Sasse

5.Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble — 25-Year Age Gap

Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble

6.Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres — 15-Year Age Gap

Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres

7.Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart — 18-Year Age Gap

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart

8.Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher — 15-Year Age Gap

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore

9.Geena Davis and Reza Jarrahy — 15-Year Age Gap

Reza Jarrahy and Geena Davis

10.Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz — 16-Year Age Gap

Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz

11.Tilda Swinton and Sandro Kopp — 18-Year Age Gap

Tilda Swinton and Sandro Kopp

12.Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor — 32-Year Age Gap

Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor

13.Vivienne Westwood and Andreas Kronthaler — 25-Year Age Gap

Vivienne Westwood and Andreas Kronthaler

14.Sam Taylor-Johnson and Aaron Taylor-Johnson — 23-Year Age Gap

Sam Taylor-Johnson and Aaron Taylor-Johnson

15.Madonna and Ahlamalik Williams — 36-Year Age Gap

Ahlamalik Williams and Madonna

Any other famous couples I've missed? Let me know in the comments!