14 Internet Fails From This Week That Will At Least Make You Giggle

Hello everybody, and welcome to my weekly post where I curate fails for you from twitter.com. I hope you like it!

1. Starting off strong with this Twitter user who doesn't know the generation-defining electro-pop group LMFAO:

Twitter: @indianloonie

2. I feel like I put a lot of Terrible Maps tweets on these lists. But the way they did Ireland is so funny:

Twitter: @TerribleMaps

3. This emoji:

Twitter: @ConfusingImages

4. This therapist:

Twitter: @catrionastew

5. This entire concept:

Twitter: @k3miffy

6. This dude who seriously showed no sense of propriety or internet etiquette:

Twitter: @Kenny___Rose

7. This tweet: I know it's from 2012, but literally why did he say this??? It's good, though.

Twitter: @JoeBiden

8.8. This attempt to drag someone for "romanticizing depression." Lol, poor Rob:

  Via Twitter: @insultsrare

9. This website preview:

Twitter: @Ahab_Of_Gilead

10. This, which is in the same genre as the LMFAO one and absolutely killed me:

Twitter: @whotfisjovana

11. This poor sopping wet cat who represents all of us (I, in fact, do not feel rested):

Twitter: @_mull__

12. This recipe-gone-wrong:

Twitter: @ZacksJerryRig

13. This great response from Air Canada's PR:

Twitter: @mattxiv

14. And finally, this fan account's amazing reaction to Timothée Chalamet making out with Kylie Jenner at the Renaissance Tour:

Twitter: @visenyasdaughtr

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