14 Screenshots Of Toxic Parents Trying To Guilt-Trip Their Children That Make My Blood Boil

1.This parent who tried to act like their child lied about how long they'd be staying at their boyfriend's place:

"Yes I do"

2.This parent who wasn't understanding that their kid couldn't send them money just yet:

"It's not possible yet dad."
"This tradition reflects the importance of family and respect for parents in Korean society."

3.This parent who ignored their child's wishes and let their grandchild paint inside the house:

"Like a said, unfortunately that's not a possibility"

4.This parent who played victim on their child's birthday:

"You have no right to make it about you"

5.This parent who was being overdramatic because their child wouldn't shave their head:

"I'm asking you a question"
"Keep your awful hair"

6.This parent who took THOUSANDS of dollars out of their kid's bank account without their permission:

"Once is a mistake"
"Just calm down and I will resolve it."
"I don't have the land anymore according to you."
"I won't be asking you to anything for me anymore"

7.This parent who showed up at their child's place unannounced and didn't see the problem:

Screenshot of a text exchange
Screenshot of a text exchange

8.This parent who was livid that their 18-year-old had been sexually active:

Screenshot of a text exchange

9.This parent who tried to make their child feel bad for rescheduling lunch:

Screenshot of a text exchange

10.This parent who sent their child on an unnecessary guilt trip:

Screenshot of a text exchange

11.This parent who thought Mother's Day trumped any issues in their kid's life:

Screenshot of a text exchange

12.This parent who got real petty because their kid was busy at college orientation:

A child says they were in orientation so couldn't answer the phone, and their father responds "I will match your responsiveness to me when you need something"

13.This parent who threatened not to send their 18-year-old to college if they didn't spend time with them:

Parent texts child a summary of the number of minutes they've spent with them over several days and says they're going to send their child a daily summary as their way of "journaling our relationship"

14.And this parent who tried to stop their adult child from getting a separate bank account:

A father tells their child that their mother will be angry if the child gets a separate bank account and asks why they want to hide their purchases
The child continues to insist on separate accounts, the father says "Try approaching from a different attitude," and the child says "No, everyone I tell about my mom seeing my bank account says it's crazy or weird"