14 Fails From The Internet This Week That Are SO Funny You’ll Get In The Comments To Say “Wow, Good Job At Curating These, Julia!”

Hello, my gorgeous BuzzFeed readers, and welcome to the weekly post where I, Julia, take it upon myself to share some of the funniest moments on the internet I've found this week. So, please, enjoy!

1. This hairdressing fiasco:

Twitter: @reverendmoney

2. This thrifty car fix 🤩:

Twitter: @elevenpyres

3. This boss who obviously doesn't understand the importance of boosting morale through promoting more human, personalized means of communication:

Twitter: @jukeboxcowgirl

4. This just made me crack up:

Twitter: @gracecamille_

5. Whatever happened here:

Twitter: @_averagemeat

6. She is beauty, she is grace:

Twitter: @simplicitethrds

7. Mixing up Greta Thunberg and Greta Gerwig:

Twitter: @kresnxk

8. This scholarly fail:

Twitter: @sapphicapuella

9. This corporate oversight:

Twitter: @trishaepan

10. This notification saying "Racoon Spotted in Target Store" like she's a criminal... let her get her mouth wash:

Twitter: @sobiewankenobi

11. Everything about this flight:

Twitter: @jpbrammer

12.This Photoshop choice:

Vegan Soy Milk Ramen

13. The vibe of this "cockroach enclosure." Although I kind of love it:

Twitter: @poodlewool

14. And, finally, whatever is going on on top of Joe's birthday cake:

@joebiden threads.net / Via Twitter: @PopCrave

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