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14 Bosses Who Quickly Realized They Made A Grave Mistake Firing Their Employees, So They Came Crawling Back With Their Tails Between Their Legs

What's better than finally leaving a toxic work environment? The petty satisfaction of having your boss — the one who either fired you or forced you to quit — come CRAWLING BACK the second they realize how valuable you really are. If you can relate to this, these 14 screenshots are for you.

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Judgemental Films

1.This boss who effed around a little too much and DEFINITELY found out:

"I'm still pissed off, but that made up for it just a little bit."
u/Charlie_Steve / Via

2.This boss who made a snap decision while their employee was sick and regretted it immediately:

"They fired my husband and have since come crawling back"
u/Solid_Information_66 / Via

3.This boss who tried to guilt their employee into coming in after leaving them high and dry for two months:

"can u at least work tonight ?"
u/Ch1ll1nman / Via

4.This boss who sent this pathetic little message to their employee who quit because they kept getting scheduled with an abusive coworker:

"I am expecting you to come to work today"
u/[deleted] / Via

5.This boss who demanded the files, but will not ever be getting the files:

"Please send Buttermilk pdf and we'll be done"
u/tacoben56 / Via

6.This boss who came back with their tail between their legs after acting like a total monster:

"If not I really wish you well."
u/thexvoid / Via

7.This boss who had no problem belittling an employee but still reached out for help rebooting the system four months after they quit:

"I am done with this conversation..."
u/Underfire17 / Via
"what's your email and password for the myorderbox thing so we can renew it"
u/Underfire17 / Via

8.This boss who ALLEGEDLY keeps texting their former employee a year later on accident, but I have my doubts:

"Sorry wrong ____ again"
u/Nikkerdoodle71 / Via

9.This boss who fired someone and then had the gall to ask them for an IG shoutout once they got a little bit famous:

"I know I can count on you, looking forward to next week."
u/PurveyorOfSapristi / Via

10.This boss who fired an employee and then tried to make it all go away by sending an NDA:

"Farms has requested you sign the document"
u/breakyourfac / Via

11.This boss who LOWERED an employee's wage and then groveled after they quit:

"Thanks I found out you quit through Joan!"
u/ExoticDragonfruit / Via

12.This boss who shamelessly sent this mass email to an employee who quit just 24 hours prior:

"We're hiring!"
u/Demon_Slayer_9 / Via

13.This boss who sent this (slightly threatening?) email to a former employee months after they quit:

"Could you send ALL code you wrote either as a repo or zip by tomorrow."
u/logistical_question / Via

14.And finally, this boss who somehow thought they were entitled to an exit interview, even though their employee left the company a month ago:

"Pay an analyst whatever their fee is to figure out your employee retention issues."
u/zboy02043 / Via

H/T: r/antiwork