14 Actors Who Didn't Meet Their Costars Until After The Movie Came Out (Or Have Yet To Meet Them)

1.Christopher Briney recently shared that while he and Mean Girls costar Jon Hamm were on set at the same time, they didn't actually meet each other until they ran into each other at the US Open.

the two characters in different scenes

2.John Krasinski played Mr. Fantastic in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and even had a fight scene with Elizabeth Olsen, who played Wanda Maximoff. However, a year after the movie came out Elizabeth said "I never met him" when she was asked about John during a lie detector test.

The interviewer responded,

The interviewer responded, "You don't know him at all?" to which Elizabeth said, "I don't think so...no, I've never met him." She added that she had met his wife, Emily Blunt, though. The lie detector tech confirmed that she was telling the truth.

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3.Will Smith and Jared Leto were literally on set together filming Suicide Squad, but because Jared was always in character there was no way to actually interact with Jared himself. "I've never actually met Jared Leto," said Will during an interview back in 2016.

will's superhero character and jared as the joker

4.Several actors from past Spider-Man movies joined the cast of Spider-Man: No Way Home, including J.K. Simmons, who reprised his role as Daily Bugle's J. Jonah Jameson. Tom Holland said that despite being in the movie together, he never actually got to meet J.K.

closeup of each character

5.Tom Holland and Tom Hiddleston starred in Avengers: Infinity War together, but didn't meet until the night before they filmed an interview with Good Morning America.

closeup of their characters

"We only just met, like literally last night," said Holland. "That's the amazing thing about these movies. You make films with some of the greatest people in the industry and you never meet them until the film comes out."

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6.Despite working in the Star Wars movies, Carrie Fisher and James Earl Jones didn't meet until appearing on an episode of The Big Bang Theory together, nearly 37 years after the first movie came out. Reportedly, Carrie's first word to James was "Dad!"

darth vader pointing to princess leia

7.Tig Notaro replaced Chris D'Elia in Army of the Dead, but she wasn't cast until the film had already been shot. So, Tig never actually met her costars. Tig, who shared a number of scenes with Dave Bautista, said in an interview, "I've never met Dave Bautista in my life. I've never met the man."

both of their characters outside in army wear

8.Jack Black and Jackie Chan had worked together for a decade, making three Kung Fu Panda movies, before they actually met in real life. "We've worked together literally 10 years, side-by-side, on one of the most successful franchises of all time," Jack joked. "Never met the man. Never so much as a high-five, not even a glance across the room. We've never been within 100 yards of each other."

their photos over the cartoons they play

9.Janel Parrish and Ross Butler acted in To All The Boys: PS I Still Love You together, but during the press run for the movie Janel revealed that she never actually met Ross.

her character on the phone and his wearing a backpack in a different scene

They were later photographed together in a huge group cast photo at the movie's premiere, but there's no confirmation that the two ever met.


10.Sam Heughan shared several scenes with Celine Dion in the movie Love Again, but it turns out the two never met IRL. Because the film was shot during the pandemic, there were a lot of travel restrictions set, so a lot of the film was created using a green screen.

their character sitting on the floor and talking

11.Hugh Grant and Matthew McConaughey didn't meet each other until after filming for The Gentlemen wrapped. They first met just a few minutes before doing press interviews together for the movie.

closeup of both their characters

12.While some of The Lion King remake cast recorded their lines together, Billy Eichner said that he never met Beyoncé. “We only exchange a few lines, but me, Seth Rogen and Donald Glover, we all recorded together. We recorded ‘Hakuna Matata’ together. Seth and I did ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight’ together before Beyoncé and Donald [came] in.”

“I have no direct contact, nor should I because I’m not worthy of being in her presence” he added.

“I have no direct contact, nor should I because I’m not worthy of being in her presence” he added.

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13.David Tennant starred alongside Margot Robbie in Mary Queen of Scots, but he never met her on set. Because his character's story was "very much on the Scottish end" he never even interacted with Margot.

closeup of him in a scene and then of her as mary
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14.Finally, Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldaña had known each other before doing Guardians of the Galaxy, but other cast members, like Vin Diesel, hadn't met Bradley until they sat down with him for an interview promoting the movie. In 2014, Bradley told Jimmy Kimmel that he and Vin, who play Rocket and Groot, only met for the first time in an elevator on the way to their talk show appearance.

their faces next to their animated characters