$13m skyrail track proposed for SA


A $13 million skyrail project planned for Adelaide could revolutionise Australia's rail industry, a former South Australian infrastructure chief says.

Investors have shown interest in a 500 metre demonstration track at Flinders University, designed by SkyWay Transport Australia, the company's co-founder and former head of SA's transport department Rod Hook says.

Mr Hook wants to start work on the driverless and rechargeable battery-powered project next year but funding and approvals have not been finalised.

He says the skyrail would help ease traffic congestion because it wouldn't take up road space.

"The beauty of this system is that it goes over the top of existing terrain," Mr Hook said on Wednesday.

"It only needs supports at 50-metre intervals and we can design it in a way that has minimal impact on the land."

Mr Hook said the skyrail "could be the most difficult project I have ever undertaken but we are up for the challenge".

Flinders University supports the skyrail but will not help fund it.

"Not only would it address a practical need, but it would be an attraction in itself as there's nothing like it anywhere else in the world," vice-chancellor Colin Stirling said.