13 Stars Who've Opened Up About Forgetting Working On Their Famous TV Shows

Whether you're rewatching Gilmore Girls every fall, or you're constantly quoting The Office, it would probably be pretty hard to forget your favorite show. Sometimes, however, the actors who dedicated a significant amount of time to creating those beloved series actually can't recall much of the process.

Here are 13 actors who literally can't remember being on iconic TV shows (and why):

1.Cole Sprouse doesn't "really remember too much of that period" of his life when he and his brother Dylan starred on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

Screenshot from "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody"
Disney Channel / Via Disney+

He told Entertainment Tonight, "If I'm being fully honest, when you shoot that many episodes of a show, they kind of all blend together as one big amorphous memory... The specific details are kind of lost. It was a different time."

2.While filming Modern Family, Sarah Hyland experienced many health issues due to her kidney dysplasia, which required more than 16 surgeries, including two kidney transplants, as well as dialysis. On the podcast Quitters, she said, "There are some episodes of Modern Family where I do not remember filming because I was asleep. Dead-ass asleep."

Screenshot from "Modern Family"
ABC / Via Hulu

Specifically, she had very little memory of Season 3, Episode 5, "Hit and Run." She continued, "That entire episode I was asleep for. I don't remember filming it at all. It was right before my first transplant. You have to be a certain level of sick in order to receive a transplant. I was reaching that certain level of sick. I was not able to be awake for eight hours at a time. I was so exhausted all the time. So I'd be on the set, we'd be filming, I'd be dead asleep, my head on the table, I would hear, 'and...' and my head would go up."

She said that she'd only stay awake between the director calling "action" and "cut."

3.On her Instagram story, Jenna Ortega shared that she doesn't remember filming Wednesday quite as well as her castmates do. She said, "I'm going to be honest. I have no idea how the rest of the cast has all this bts because I've got jack shit. Everything I have posted has been sent to me and that's the honest truth. There are things out there of myself on the Wednesday set that I've just never seen in my life. It's almost not even me."

Screenshot from "Wednesday"

"It's like I've been cloned and have been leading two lives," she said.

4.Courteney Cox doesn't "remember filming so many episodes" of Friends because she has a "bad memory" and even has only "like, three memories" from childhood.

Screenshot from "Friends"
NBC / Via Max

She told Today, "I should’ve watched all ten seasons because when I did the reunion and was asked questions, I was like, ‘I don’t remember being there.' ... I see it on TV sometimes and I stop and go, 'Oh my God, I don’t remember this at all.' But it’s so funny."

5.Likewise, her Friends costar Lisa Kudrow told Andy Cohen Live, "Yeah, Courteney and I are completely in the same boat. We don’t even remember what the episodes were."

Screenshot from "Friends"
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She also said, "I know I haven’t seen all the episodes...I have a kid and things are happening and there wasn’t TiVo yet."

6.Matthew Perry told BBC Radio 2, "I don’t remember three years of [Friends]... A little bit of the time, I was pretty out of it, yeah."

Screenshot from "Friends"
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In 2016, he told People that he'd begun abusing alcohol before the show and developed a prescription pain medication abuse problem three years into the role. However, he also said that he was never "high at work," only "painfully hungover."

He said, "Eventually things got so bad I couldn't hide it and everybody knew. I was a hopelessly narcissistic guy, and I only thought about myself, and then that just shifted, and when that happened, I got some true happiness and comfort in my life."

7.On TikTok, Avan Jogia said, "When you don't remember the plotline to a SINGLE Victorious episode...but you remember going out partying every night."

Screenshot from "Victorious"
Nickelodeon / Via Netflix

In a comment, he added, "Life is long and weird."

8.Because of a dissociative disorder, Raven-Symoné doesn't remember filming The Cosby Show. She told TV One, "When we opened the show in front of a live studio audience we had to walk up these stairs and we came down that classic staircase. I remember standing up there, and playing with the wood before I went down. I do not remember as soon as the camera starts. Something clicks off, and I do what I’m trained to do."

Screenshot from "The Cosby Show"
NBC / Courtesy Everett Collection

"When I turned 18, I knew something was going on so I started going to therapy, and it’s dissociation. I just blackout, I turn into who I’m supposed to be when the camera is on, and then I come back to when normal life resumes."

9.On the Late Show with David Letterman, Julia Louis-Dreyfus said, "I have a very bad memory, and I have no idea what happens in these episodes [of Seinfeld]."

Screenshot from "Seinfeld"
NBC / Via Netflix

She continued, "So frankly, I find it rather pleasant to watch it because I can just, you know, enjoy the program."

10.On Conan, Randall Park said, "I got the chance to play a character named 'Asian Jim' in one scene during the final season [of The Office]. ... I was in and out in an hour. ... And then I completely forgot about it."

Screenshot from "The Office"
NBC / Via Peacock

He continued, "Then, several years later, I'm walking down the street and this car drives by and a guy yells 'Asian Jim!' and drives off, and I'm thinking, is this some, like, racist thing that I don't know about? I thought it was a hate crime because I had forgotten about my appearance on The Office."

11.Trying to recall the Hawaii Five-0 series finale, Scott Caan told TV Line, "Honestly, I could not even tell you what it was. That’s how long ago it was, how many episodes of it we did."

Screenshot from "Hawaii Five-0"
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"The only thing that would shock me is if you told me I died," he said.

12.Norman Reedus was in two episodes of Charmed Season 5. However, in an Instagram Live, his costar Holly Marie Combs said, "Literally, Norman does not remember being on the show at all."

Screenshot from "Charmed"
The WB / Via Amazon Prime Video

He played Nate Parks, Paige's boyfriend who was secretly married.

13.And finally, when Gary Busey showed up to shoot his cameo in the Entourage movie, he forget that he'd appeared on the show three times. Series creator/director Doug Ellin told AOL Build, "[I said,] 'Gary, we're just going to do this just like we did it the last time,' and I swear to God he wasn't joking, he goes, 'What do you mean, the last time?' I go, 'The show.' 'I did the show?'"

Screenshot from "Entourage"
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"And I go, 'Are you fucking with me right now?' And he wasn't. I don't think he remembered it," he said.