All 12 boys and coach rescued from depths of Thailand cave

Thai Cave

Thai Navy SEALs say all 12 boys and their coach have been rescued from a cave, ending an ordeal that lasted more than 2 weeks.

The twelfth boy and the coach were freed from the complex late on Tuesday night, after a complicated three-day operation to extricate the boys, who became trapped on June 23 when rising flood water cut off the exit, deep inside the cave.

In the last 18 days, what began as a local search for the 12 missing boys and their coach turned into a complex rescue operation involving hundreds of experts who flew in from around the world to help.

The parents of the boys have maintained a constant vigil outside the cave since they went missing, praying for their safe return.

The drama has captivated people worldwide as cave experts grappled with the problem of how to free the young, malnourished boys, some of whom couldn’t swim, from a flooded cavern as monsoon rains threatened to raise water levels even further.

All rescue and medical staff have also safely exited the cave.

Watch how they did it above!