Best job in Australia? The in-demand $110k job workers love

Are you a Java developer? Count yourself lucky. Image: Getty

Australians who work as Java developers can count themselves lucky: the $110,000 role is one of the best jobs in the country when it comes to job satisfaction, and demand is increasing. 

That’s according to SEEK data that reveals the roles with the highest job satisfaction. 

The most common salary for a Java developer is $110,000, although they can earn as much as $180,000. And, Java developers consider their job satisfaction to be 4.5 stars out of 5.

What does a Java developer do? 

A Java developer is a software developer with a specialty in using the Java programming language. Java is different to JavaScript, which has a different programming language. 

Java is among the oldest programming languages and is often used to develop apps, particularly for Android devices. 

As a Java developer, workers will test, design and implement code. 

“Java developers interact with computers daily, and work in teams at large companies where new software is created, at digital agencies or within the IT department of a business,” SEEK said. 

“Like other software developers, they may also work freelance on a contractual basis.”

And, while qualifications are helpful, for some roles formal qualifications aren’t necessary. 

Qualifications like a Diploma of Information Technology or a Bachelor degree in Software Development are useful, but SEEK noted that workers could also complete an online or in-person course which specialises in Java. 

“Boot camp style “coding camps” are good ways to develop your specialisation in Java.”

An in-demand profession

Australia’s technology sector has been earmarked as needing 100,000 workers by 2024, a report from the Australian Computer Society revealed in 2019. Among those, Australia is expected to need 17,900 more software and applications programmers.

That trend is already visible on SEEK, with more than 1,430 Java developer job advertisements on the jobs platform, with 23.4 per cent projected job growth in the coming five years. 

Workers rate their jobs as offering strong work-life balance and good pay and variety of work. However, it scores only 3.9 stars in terms of job security. 

Australia’s favourite jobs

While Java developers are among the most-sought after workers, there are several other jobs with happier employees. 

These are SEEK’s nine jobs with the highest job satisfaction: 


  • Most common salary $65k

  • Job growth 6.4%

  • Satisfaction 4.8 stars


  • Most common salary: $70k

  • Job growth: 17.6%

  • Satisfaction: 4.8 stars

Teacher's Aide

  • Most common salary: $50k

  • Job growth: 20.8%

  • Satisfaction: 4.7 stars


  • Most common salary: $70k

  • Job growth: 17.8%

  • Satisfaction: 4.6 stars


  • Most common salary: $55k

  • Job growth: 9.5%

  • Satisfaction: 4.6 stars

Managing Director

  • Most common salary: $200k+

  • Job growth: 9.2%

  • Satisfaction: 4.6 stars

Practice Nurse

  • Most common salary: $70k

  • Job growth: 18.4%

  • Satisfaction: 4.6 stars

Project Manager

  • Most common salary: $130k

  • Job growth: 7%

  • Satisfaction: 4.6 stars

Veterinary Nurse

  • Most common salary: $50k

  • Job growth: 9.3%

  • Satisfaction: 4.6 stars

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