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$11 Bunnings 'miracle' product loved by professional cleaners

This tile grout cleaner from Bunnings Warehouse has been branded a game changer.

It's a chore nobody looks forward to, but a popular Bunnings buy could change the way you clean the tile grout in your bathroom and kitchen.

Sharing her find on Facebook, a Bunnings customer posted a picture of the "miracle" cleaning product, along with some impressive before and after photos.

"This stuff is amazing!' she wrote about the Long Life Grout Cleaner available at Bunnings for $11, adding that of all the cleaning products she's tried, this one achieved "the most unbelievable results".

Bunnings tile cleaner
The Bunnings customer said her tiles have never looked better. Photo: Facebook

The woman shared a picture of her "heavily discoloured tiles" mid-way through cleaning, and the incredible results speak for themselves. The cleaned section of tiles show pure white grout lines, while the uncleaned tiles remain stained with red dirt.

Apart from the great results, the woman said it took minimal effort to get her tiles clean. "I only left for about 30 seconds and yes it does have an odour, I had the windows opened. I also used a grout brush I bought from The Reject Shop and a light scrub," she wrote. "I couldn't believe how they came up. Red dirt is so hard to remove and this product did it, no worries."


Long Life Grout Cleaner promises to "restore and revitalise grout" and can be used on a range of floorings including ceramic tiles, slate, terracotta, brick and masonry surfaces.

Bunnings shoppers praise grout cleaner

Fellow Bunnings shoppers are equally impressed with the product. "Yep agree. I've been using it for a while now - game changer," responded one Facebook user. "This stuff is great with a grout brush I then went over the grout lines with a damp towel to lift the dirt. My tiled flooring looks brand new!" added another.

Bunnings tiles cleaner
The Bunnings grout cleaner is easy to use; simply spray on, leave for five minutes, then wipe off. Source: Facebook

Online, the reviews are just as good, with one shopper saying she'd never been so excited to clean her floors. "Using this and a grout brush made light work of years of build-up in my grout," she wrote. "It looked so great I wanted to keep going and cleaned the whole house. There is a bit of effort involved but definitely a lot less than I was expecting!"

Even a professional cleaner said she "swears by" the Bunnings buy to get the best results. "I love it. When I see my client's grout changing colour, I take this on the next visit and fix it up," she commented.

Bunnings tile cleaner result
Happy customers have shared their before-and-after pics on the Bunnings website to show how well the Long Life Grout Cleaner works. Photo: Bunnings

One word of warning

Those who have used the product warned others about its strong smell. "Love this stuff but the odour though! Definitely gotta make sure all windows are open," one person offered. "I started using it without a mask and felt short of breath, I had to quickly leave the bathroom. I wear an N95 mask now. It's strong stuff but it works," warned another.

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