105-year-old woman shares her unorthodox tips for longer life

An elderly woman who just celebrated a milestone birthday said she, and her family, never expected she would live such a long life. 

Helen Granier from Palm Harbour in Florida, USA turned 105 on Sunday. She spoke with 10News WTSP saying she does not really have the secret to longevity but explained she lived the way she wanted. 

“I used to drink beer, and I smoked, and everything. I stayed out late, you know, dancing, and then I would go to work,” she told WTSP. 

Ms Granier said no one in her family expected her to live this long. Source: 10News WTSP

The elderly woman, who was born in 1913 added she used to love dancing and even gambling.

“[My husband] wouldn’t take me to Vegas, because he knew I liked to gamble. Oh, I loved to play the slot machines. So I went to Las Vegas after he passed,” she said.

During a celebration with close friends on Friday at the Coral Oaks Independent Living Facility she shared a number of stories and said she remembers the first world war.

“I guess I was only three or four, but I remember my uncle came home to see my mother, who was sick,” she told the news outlet.