100 grenades, 25,000 rounds of ammo found after Vinnytsia police shooting

Two men in camouflage shot dead a policeman in Vinnytsia Oblast
Two men in camouflage shot dead a policeman in Vinnytsia Oblast

The attackers who shot dead a police officer in Vinnytsia Oblast carried an alarming cache of weapons, including 100 grenades and 25,000 rounds of ammunition, Oleksiy Rykhliuk, head of the Vinnytsia Specialized Defense Prosecutor's Office, reported on April 22.

The munitions were subsequently discovered in a local pond, where law enforcement retrieved the extensive arsenal. "About 100 grenades, along with roughly 100 fuses, and approximately 25,000 rounds of 5.45 caliber ammunition for small arms were located in the reservoir where the attackers had dumped the stockpile," Rykhliuk reported. He noted that these figures are preliminary, with ongoing investigations at the scene continuing to catalog additional found items.

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Rykhliuk mentioned that the attackers claimed they were transporting the ammunition back to their residence in Vinnytsia Oblast.

Attack on police officers in Vinnytsia Oblast on April 20

The violent encounter took place in the early hours of April 20 in the Haisyn district when police halted a vehicle for inspection. The car's two occupants opened fire, resulting in the death of 20-year-old officer Maksym Zaretskyi and injuries to his colleague. Zaretskyi had served in the patrol police response sector for a year and a half.

Following the incident, a special police operation was initiated across Vinnytsia and Odesa oblasts.

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The assailants, identified as a 52-year-old man and his 26-year-old son, were apprehended in Odesa Oblast on April 21, as announced by Ivan Vyhovskyi, head of the National Police. Police spokeswoman Olena Berezhna disclosed that the suspects had attempted to flee Ukraine and suggested that their attack was motivated by the need to transport live grenades.

Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko revealed that the suspects had discarded boxes of grenades into the water during their escape.

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