This $10 fried egg Kmart hack will blow your mind

Sarah Carty
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A mum has shared her incredible $10 hack for getting perfect fried eggs every time, and it’s blowing people’s minds.

The mum took to a parenting Facebook page to share the technique, with her post gathering nearly 2,000 likes in just 24 hours.

She revealed that she didn’t have a frying pan, so improvised by using her Kmart sandwich maker, and we think the results speak for themselves.

You need to see this $10 Kmart hack. Photo: Facebook
One mum realised she didn’t have a sandwich maker to cook eggs, so decided to improvise. Photo: Facebook

“Felt like eggs this morning but forgot I need a new fry pan,” she wrote.

“Our sandwich maker was sitting on the bench, so thought I’d try cooking eggs in it & hey presto 3 mins later, perfectly cooked eggs.

“They got perfectly on the toast too. I’ll be doing this again.”

People flocked to the comments section to praise the mum for her genius thinking, with many wondering exactly how she did it.

The mum then explained that she cracked the eggs into the sandwich maker and closed it for three minutes, until the eggs looked like they were done.

She took her $10 Kmart sandwich maker and cracked eggs into it. Photo: Facebook
The results speak for themselves. Photo: Facebook

Then she took her $2 Kmart spatula and scooped them out, which she says was very simple.

“That’s it I’m done. This is the best bloody hack I have ever seen,” one person said.

Another person said it was ‘brilliant’, while others said they were going to try it out for themselves.

And it seems eggs aren’t the only food items that can be made in the sandwich maker, as people commented saying they use theirs for a whole host of things.

One person said they use theirs to cook bacon, while another said they cook toad in the hole (toast with egg) and bacon, and it cooks them perfectly.

Commenters even said they make pancakes in the sandwich maker, while another claimed they use it to bake muffins.

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