$10 Aldi device triggers controversy

Aldi's latest Special Buys is causing some shoppers angst. (Images: Aldi Australia, AAP, Getty)

An innocent-looking $9.99 item on special at Aldi Australia this weekend has attracted criticism from some shoppers.

The budget supermarket, as one of its Saturday one-off Special Buys, is currently selling a multi-port lightning adaptor.

The adaptor plugs into a lightning port on a smartphone, then offers the user three more ports to use – a headphone jack, lightning headphone jack and a charging port.

This means that, theoretically, one could listen to music and charge their phone simultaneously.

But as soon as the product was posted on social media on Saturday morning, it attracted scepticism.

"Love Aldi but I bought a similar product last year and my iPhone wouldn’t recognise it," one user said, while another said: "Does this actually work? All the similar devices I’ve bought for this purpose have not."

"Just be careful when buying stuff like these as I have one not this brand and it’s not compatible with iPhone as it’s not iPhone brand," said a different shopper on Facebook.

Yahoo Finance has sighted other similar comments doubting the functionality of the device posted on Aldi Australia's own Facebook site. There were also plenty of comments by those who were enthusiastic to buy and try the device.

Aldi Australia has been contacted for comment.

Other shoppers suggested workarounds for the dilemma of listening to music and charging at the same time.

"Use Bluetooth headphones [and] charge your phone with existing cable," said one commenter.

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