'It's 1am': Wife's powerful note to husband during 'chaotic' time

Brianne Tolj
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A wife’s touching social media post thanking her farmer husband for his hard work during the harvest season has been praised as “wonderfully supportive” by hundreds of people.

Nicky Schrader took to Facebook last weekend to show appreciation for her husband, Jim, as he toiled well into the night.

Jim works as a farm manager running Australian white sheep for a small Sydney corporation, but treats and loves the land as his own, Nicky said.

The mum of three wrote the post as she lay down in bed on Saturday night and her husband continued to work.

It’s currently 1am and for nearly three weeks now Jim is in the thick of harvesting,” she began her post.

Jim Schrader wearing a hat.
Nicky Schrader took to Facebook last weekend to show appreciation for her husband, Jim, as he toiled well into the night. Source: Nicky Schrader

“If you’re from the land, and someone mentions harvest we all know that this is the most stressful, chaotic, and some serious job overtime of the year for a farmer,” she said, adding Jim often works 18-hour days and makes dozens of calls to contractors a day.

“Whether it’s organising trucks, chasers, augers, silos, headers, break downs, workers, constant weather analysing and so much more it can be brutal to man.

“I honestly don’t know how my husband is actually functioning – in fact I refer to all the farmers/workers who are in the midst of such a cracker harvest season,” she wrote.

Heartwarming response to woman’s tribute to husband

Nicky said from the time her husband opened his eyes “he goes at it just as hard as he did the day before.”

“He comes home (if he actually comes home) dirty, sweating, hangry and mostly flat out exhausted. There has been days we haven’t actually seen each other.

“I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU!!!! (sic)

“Thank you for being a super man in our eyes! Thank you for always showing up and being the best daddy… and most of all thank you for your blood, sweat and tears you do to support us,” Nicky said.

Jim and Nicky Schrader with beverages in their hands while standing on rocks.
Jim later said 'behind every strong man is an even stronger woman'. Source: Nicky Schrader
A screenshot of Nicky Schrader's Facebook post to her husband, who is a farm manager.
Nicky Schrader's Facebook post to her husband. Source: Facebook/Nicky Schrader

The mum’s Facebook post has been widely shared, and has attracted more than 700 likes and dozens of comments.

Jim himself commented, saying: “Behind every strong man is an even stronger woman.”

Others called Nicky’s words “wonderfully supportive” and “absolutely beautiful”.

“To all farmers a massive thank you for what you do. Hopefully a bit of rest on the way soon,” one woman said.

“So beautiful to show and share your appreciation of your wonderful man, please thank him and all men like him working so hard to put food on our plates as well as his family’s,” another wrote.

“What a humble but incredibly accurate account of a family’s harvest time,” a man, who said he grew up on the land, wrote.

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