86-year-old author 'solved' 115-year-old murder mystery

A Brisbane Grandmother is convinced she's solved one of Australia's most baffling and enduring murder mysteries.

Author says she has solved 115-year-old murder mystery

Author says she has solved 115-year-old murder mystery

86-year-old Stephanie Bennett is about to release an E-book detailing who was responsible for the infamous Gatton murders, more than a century ago.

On Boxing Day 1898 near Gatton, a story of three siblings, that would become one of the country's most chilling cold cases.

That night, 29-year-old Michael Murphy and his younger sisters Nora and Ellen were returning to their parents property in a sulky after a country dance was cancelled.

Three kilometres out of Gatton in a paddock, their lives came to a brutal end. The girls' hands were tied, they were then raped and beaten while their brother was shot along with his horse.

Their bodies were, strangely, neatly laid out on blankets.

The victims were James Delahunty's Great Uncle and Aunts.

"It was totally devastating, three children in one family," he said.

They were laid to rest in Gatton and those responsible were never caught.

Due to a number of communication break downs and a reliance on telegrams, Brisbane police didn't learn of the crime straight away.

The scene wasn't secured, a number of locals passed through possibly destroying valuable clues. Back then, there was only one police photographer in the entire state.

The bodies were moved before photos were taken, botching the investigation.

Now, almost 115 years later, a Brisbane Grandmother says she's cracked the case.

Stephanie Bennett has spent years turning pages of history books and digging through prison records.

She says Joe Quinn, who had more than 200 different aliases, did it along with his brother Martin and at least five locals.

"There is no doubt in my mind," she said.

"Joe Quinn was determined he was going to revenge himself on Michael Murphy for what happened at Longreach during the Shearer's war.

"He said in jail, he told someone he was going to kill Michael."

Stephanie says the victim exposed Quinn's criminal past, prompting the violent backlash.

Now she is preparing to release an e-book called 'The Gatton Murderers'.

"I'm relieved it's over because it's been a great deal of hard work," she said.

"I'm extremely happy and so is the family because it has given (them) some conclusion."

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