NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn has been moved on from her role as head of counter-terrorism by the force's new boss.

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Mick Fuller named NSW Police Commissioner


VIDEO Mick Fuller named NSW Police Commissioner. Source: 7 News Mick Fuller named NSW Police Commissioner

Just weeks after taking over from Andrew Scipione, Commissioner Mick Fuller has named Deputy Commissioner Dave Hudson to lead the Investigations and Counter-Terrorism unit.

Ms Burn will remain deputy commissioner but will instead lead Specialist Support, Mr Fuller announced on Tuesday.

Burn bumped from NSW counter terrorism. Source: 7 News

According to Fairfax, Burn wanted to be a police officer from the time she was a small child however finds it difficult to pinpoint a single explanation.

Reportedly none of her family had a policing background, with her siblings and step-siblings mostly lawyers, journalists or economists.

Her first posting as a rookie police officer was to Chatswood police station, where she says she would reportedly encounter several senior women in uniform.

Burn bumped from NSW counter terrorism. Source: Facebook

Her driving goal was to become a detective and she managed to break into that male-dominated field at age 22.

Notable achievements:

  • 1995 wins the university medal in psychology at the University of NSW for thesis
  • 2005 becomes Redfern area commander after the previous year's Redfern riots.
  • 2007 NSW Woman of the Year, nominated by the Aboriginal women of Redfern
  • 2007 wins Australian Police Medal

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