Public pond turns blood red

Residents in Aldeburgh could be forgiven for looking skyward for a plague of locusts after the water in a village pond turned blood red yesterday.

Locals and visitors to the sleepy village in Suffolk were stunned to see the normally green waters of the Moot Hall pond resembling a scene from Jaws.

An investigation was immediately launched to find the cause of the sudden change in colour.

The culprit, it turns out, is the sun.

“A natural cleaning product was used on the pond last week to clean and clear it, and keep down any floating weed”, Aldeburgh town council alderman Lindsay Lee told the Daily Mail.

"When it is cleaned, if it's very sunny for the first few days, the water can take on a red colour. It's all perfectly safe and environmentally friendly and it doesn't stay red for long."

Appropriately, Aldeburgh is the home town of Peter Sinfield, founding member of influential British rock group, King Crimson.

The pond before and after being turned red by a new cleaning product.

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