Skydiver survives 914m fall

The family of a skydiver who survived after plummeting 914 metres to the ground claims she was pushed from the plane by her instructor.

The Sun reported Lareece Butler, 26, was hospitalised with bruises, a broken leg and concussion after hurtling into the ground in South Africa.

She was on a training course at EP Skydiving Club in King William's Town, in South Africa's Eastern Cape province.

Tessa Bother, the woman's aunt, told The Daily Mail she was pushed from the plane by her instructor after she refused to jump after she noticed problems with other jumpers' parachutes.

"Lareece was quite clear about what happened. I went to see her in hospital on Sunday with her mother and she told her mum that she had been pushed out of the plane," she was quoted as saying.

"She said she was the fourth to jump in her group of four. Apparently she noticed problems with the three who went before, some of their parachutes were getting entangled as they fell."

"She told her mum she asked to return to the ground and said the plane even circled a second loop as she refused to go."

EP Skydiving manager Joos Vos has denied the woman had been forced to jump against her will.

He claimed Ms Butler had told him she remembered nothing of the incident.

"I have just been to visit the girl in hospital. She seems to be making a recovery although she is obviously lucky to be alive," Vos was quoted as saying.

He told The Sun the woman had exited the plane in an unusual position before her parachute became tangled.

"It should have all run smoothly but she exited the plane in an unusual and unstable position," he was quoted as saying.

"This caused the parachute leads to become entangled. Although the parachute did partially inflate, it was rotating and becoming more entangled as she dropped."

"She had been trained to use the emergency procedure but unfortunately she did not and instead fell towards the ground."

The family of the skydiver is now considering legal action against the company which operated the jump.

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