'Booze for boobs' promotion causes a stir

A nightclub in Singapore is attracting attention for a marketing strategy that offers free drinks according to women's bra sizes, the China Press reports.

The OverEasy nightclub introduced the event 'Fill My Cups' recently to promote events hosted by Australian DJ DCUP.

The promotion allows A-cup patrons one free drink, B-cups two, C-cups three, and D-cups can claim a free bottle of vodka.

"It was really a play on the guest DJ's name. When we heard that it was DCUP, we decided to give the event an added spin," said Ms Cheryl Ho, spokesman for The Lo & Behold Group, which runs OverEasy.

The stunt has drawn as much criticism as it has laughter, with some calling it distasteful, "I think the concept is funny but I would not degrade myself by being a part of it," a 19-year-old women told The New Paper, a local publication.

Others believe the 'booze for boobs' gimmick is harmless, Student Lek Ning, 20, who considers herself a C-cup, said that she found the event hilarious, "After all, I'm rather proud of my assets," she said.

President of the Association of Women for Action and Research (Aware) Dana Lam labeled the event "demeaning". "I'd laugh at the silliness (of this event) if I didn't know better. Women should think twice before popping themselves in there," she said.

Ms Lam added that the "safety and dignity" of female customers have been disregarded, as they might be "subjecting themselves to molest and harassment".

To ascertain bra size the promotion will allow for one male and one female judge to visually assess bra cup size, "They are not boob experts, and neither are they from a bra company. They are our personal friends who will simply guess-timate as to the women's bra cup sizes," said Ms Ho, "We don't condone touch tests," she said.

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