Man shoots neighbour and avoids charges

A man in the US has shot dead his neighbour because he thought the man was an intruder breaking into his home.

James Parsons from Colorado Springs reportedly shot 22-year-old Sean Kennedy as he tried to get into Mr Parsons' house - it's thought Mr Kennedy had been drinking and had confused the Parsons' home with his own. He lived one block away.

Fox News reports that prosecutors said Kennedy broke a window in the back door and reached inside to unlock it.

Mr Parsons and his girlfriend thought they were in danger and dialled emergency services.

Listen to the emergency call

The couple shouted for the man to leave, and then Mr Parsons fired his gun at hinm.

It's understood Mr Parsons is protected under Colorado's "Make My Day" law, which allows people to use deadly force in self-defence in their home against intruders, as long as he had 'reasonable belief' that he was in danger.

District Attorney Dan May is quoted as saying, "A reasonable person in those circumstances would have believed that [Kennedy] was going to do a crime against them or property".

"[Kennedy] continued to beat and pound on the door, during which time the resident told his girlfriend to call 911, and he went into the bedroom to get his gun, a revolver," the DA's office said.

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