Mum furious at difficulty of buying medicinal marijuana in Perth

A Perth mum says she has to travel to the US to buy medicinal marijuana despite the drug being legalised in WA.


Ava Neville, 12, used to have about eight seizures a day before medical marijuana.

Her mother, Joelle, said she’s tried to get a prescription in WA but doctors say the process is too complex.

Ms Neville said her daughter has had two brain surgeries and has been epileptic since birth.

Ms Neville said getting medical marijuana for Ava (pictured) has been difficult. Source: 7 News

And while the legalisation of medicinal marijuana seemed like a godsend Ms Neville said so far she hasn’t been able to access it for Ava.

“After speaking with the neurologist on Thursday, and finding out he was still completely confused by the process,” she said.

“I left there pretty mad actually.”

Ms Neville said she has planned a family holiday to the US next month where the drug is available and she plans on staying there until the processes are fixed back home.

Medical Cannabis Research Australia’s Paul Mavor said the process needed to be simplified.

Ms Neville said she's planning a trip the US to get medicinal marijuana. Source: 7 News

“It's near on impossible, there's a mountain of paperwork,” he said.

“It takes a lot of time. No doctors are prepared to write something that the patient accesses months later.”

Health Minister Roger Cook has heard Ms Neville’s cries for help and he’s asked the Health Department for urgent advice.

Mr Cook also says drug suppliers need to do more to educate doctors.

The Australian Medical Association said doctors need to be satisfied with the drug’s effectiveness and safety before providing a prescription.

WA Health Minister Roger Cook has heard of the family's difficulty in getting access to the drug and has spoken with the Health Department. Source: 7 News

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