Birthday party turns into huge brawl in Perth's north

Dramatic footage has emerged of a brawl at a 21st birthday party in Perth’s northern suburbs.


Staff at the Wanneroo Sports and Social Club said they had to barricade themselves behind a bar after a fight broke out between family members in a toilet at a 21st birthday party the venue was hosting.

It turned into an all-out brawl with security cameras capturing footage of a man taking a swing while another hurled a bottle across the room.

In another part of the footage a group of men are also seen wrestling each other.

A man (bottom right) takes a swing at another partygoer. Source: 7 News

Peter Robinson, who lives opposite the club, said he saw the fight spill outside.

“They were rolling around on the slope down there, three of them beating him up,” he said.

The club’s vice-president Dennis Hampton said one of the patrons came to the club with knives because “we found them this morning on the bowling green”.

A man on the left can be seen throwing a bottle. Source: 7 News

Staff working at the party said bottles and chairs were thrown as some battered and bleeding partygoers were dragged to safety.

The event had two security guards, as per the club’s conditions, but they couldn’t break up the fight on their own and police had to be called.

Staff members said the venue doesn’t normally host 21st birthday parties out of fear they’ll get out of control.

But they said the club’s recently fallen on hard times financially and decided to make an exception.

Partygoers outside the venue after the brawl. Source: 7 News

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