'Stolen 30 years of my work': Cabbies storm Parliament in pay fight

Taxi owners and drivers have almost overpowered police as they tried to storm Melbourne’s state parliament on Thursday.

'Stolen 30 years of my work': Cabbies take pay fight to Parliament

'Stolen 30 years of my work': Cabbies take pay fight to Parliament

The cabbies and their families are angry Uber is taking away their livelihoods, and have demanded Premier Daniel Andrews take action.

“You come outside now,” one passionate woman yelled to Premier Andrews.

A woman screams down the camera. Picture: 7 News

Angry taxi drivers and owners pushed into officers. Picture: 7 News

Between 300 and 400 people made their point heard with taxis parked across Spring Street, blocking traffic and trams.

“They have stolen 30 years of my work,” Sandy Spanos said on the Parliament's steps.

“I will leave my children with a legacy of debt.”

Up to 400 people joined the protest outside Parliament. Picture: 7 News

Organisers screamed for calm as the massive group tried to push past officers who called for back up.

In the crush, four people collapsed as officers linked arms in front of Parliament's doors.

“It’s a big deal,” driver Lou Bougias said.

Police linked arms to stop protesters pushing through. Picture: 7 News

“We all know that storming into Parliament without permission is treason.

“People used to get hung and beheaded for that. Who would’ve imagined you’d get 80-year-old taxi drivers doing it?”

The protest came on the same day parliament debated a $2 Uber surcharge, to pay for the cabbies’ compensation scheme.

A man is seen shouting abuse. Picture: 7 News

The scheme pays owners $100,000 for their first cab licence and $50,000 for the ones thereafter.

Police say there were no arrests in Thursday’s protest, but organisers have warned it won’t be the last unless state government steps in.

The group has promised to continue protesting. Picture: 7 News

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