Sydney man avoids jail over plans to sell stolen pygmy marmoset

A man who was found with a stolen pygmy marmoset monkey has escaped jail time and instead been slapped with a $2500 fine and a two year good behaviour bond.

Jackson George was sentenced at Campbelltown Local Court for his part in planning to sell the animal.

The 23-year-old pleaded guilty late last year to being in possession of one of three marmosets stolen from Symbio Wildlife Park near Helensburgh, NSW.

Jackson George was fined $2500 and given a two year good behaviour bond. Photo: 7 News

The four-week-old marmoset was still suckling from its mother at the time it was stolen. Photo: 7 News

His 26-year-old brother, Jessie George, was sentenced in December and received the same good behaviour bond and a $1500 fine.

The maximum penalty for dealing in proceeds of crime is three years’ jail.

At the time, the monkey was only four weeks old and still suckling from its mother.

The three monkeys were found in separate locations but are recovering well since being reunited back at the zoo.

Ten-month-old Sophia was eventually found in Campbelltown, while 10-year-old Gomez was dumped on a vet's doorstep in Tahmoor.

Ten-year-old marmoset Gomez was dumped on the doorstep of a vet in Tahmoor. Photo: 7 News

All three marmosets were eventually returned to the zoo. Photo: 7 News

George was planning to sell the monkey, the court heard. Photo: 7 News

Kevin Fallon from Symbio Wildlife Park said the animals were almost back to normal.

"All three marmosets were returned here to Symbio Wildlife Park and as you can see are luckily doing very well, but it's still not known exactly who stole them," he told 7 News.

"We've ramped up security levels to the point of extreme now."

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