Exclusive 7News/ReachTEL poll: Labor bleeding votes to Palmer party

With just two days to go in the 2013 federal election campaign, the Labor party appears to be bleeding votes to Clive Palmer’s Palmer United Party, while Mr Palmer has made extraordinary claims about media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

Exclusive 7News/ReachTEL poll: Labor bleeding votes to Palmer party

Exclusive 7News/ReachTEL poll: Labor bleeding votes to Palmer party

Over 24 hours, Labor has seen a decrease of 2.3% in its primary vote, now down to 32.7%, while Mr Palmer’s primary vote has risen to 6.1%.

The Coalition's primary vote has also gone backwards slightly, down 0.8% to 40.5%, which is within the poll's margin of error.

Mr Palmer’s vote is holding steady in Queensland, while making strong inroads in NSW and Victoria, according to the exclusive 7News/ReachTEL poll of 3698 voters taken last night.

The result means Labor’s two party preferred vote has dropped back to 47%, compared to the Coalition’s 53%.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott continues to stretch his lead over Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, with over 54% of voters now saying they prefer Mr Abbott to lead the nation.

Even more voters agree that the Coalition has the election in the bag – 75% of voters say it will be Mr Abbott making a victory speech this Saturday night.

The good news for Mr Palmer comes after he gave an extraordinary interview on Sunrise this morning.

Responding to a scathing article in the Rupert Murdoch-owned newspaper, The Australian, Mr Palmer said he plans to sue Mr Murdoch.

"I'm gonna sue Rupert Murdoch personally and bring him to account" He said. "[Murdoch] will be sued by me today, and he'll be brought to Australia to answer these questions in the Supreme Court," he told David Koch.

"It's time this fellow was brought to account - this foreigner - who tries to dictate what we do."

The mining magnate also accused Murdoch's estranged wife wife of being a 'Chinese spy'.

When asked if he is a billionaire, Mr Palmer responded, "I don't know, I'm an Australian."

Watch the interview below
Abbott to release costings
Mr Abbott may face an uphill battle to convince voters of the wisdom of going back to the polls within 12 months.

Only 41% of voters support Mr Abbott’s plan to potentially call a double dissolution election if a future Labor government refuses to allow the carbon tax to be scrapped.

40% of voters oppose the move, while 18% remain undecided.

Mr Abbott has said he will call on the Governor-General to dissolve both houses of parliament if he can’t pass his agenda.

Mr Rudd says putting a price on carbon is in Labor’s DNA, and the party will continue to fight for the carbon tax whether in government or in opposition.

Labor’s last hope may come today when the Coalition finally releases its policy costings.

The full list of costings won't be presented as an alternative budget but it's understood it will reveal a marked improvement of the budget bottom line.

Although full details aren't known, the costings are expected to show a $6 billion lift over the next four years that will see a $16 billion reduction in government debt.

It will be a package to improve productivity and infrastructure, while cutting waste and duplication.

The report is also expected to stymie the Labor government's "scare campaign" with no cuts to health or education, or changes to GST.

The coalition submitted around 200 policies to the Parliamentary Budget Office, and were further validated by three experts in public finances.