Palmer candidate promises 'rockin party'

A Palmer United Party candidate in Victoria is promising a 'huge party' with 'hot models' and possibly a 'mystery rock band' for volunteers willing to fight for his cause.

Palmer candidate promises 'rockin party'

Palmer candidate promises 'rockin party'

PUP candidate for Corangamite Buddy Rojek is on the lookout for 150 volunteers to help him on the campaign trail.

In return, Mr Rojek has promised to throw the rocking party, with DJs and mingling models, for 300 people.

“My parties go off!!!” he assures potential volunteers in the campaign 'pamphlet' (it’s actually just a sheet of printed A4 paper)

"Kevin 13 party is for nerds!" he claims.

A few lucky volunteers may get more than a DJ and some finger food.

Mr Rojek says he has arranged 15 models (male and female) to mingle on the night.

"If you are lucky and behave yourself they might invite you back to party longer," he promises.

The pamphlet comes complete with pictures of the models, showing off their buxom breasts and washboard abs.

But don't get the impression that Mr Rojek is all parties and models. He's also got some serious policy credentials.

Number one on his list? Disbanding ASADA and diverting the funding back to grassroots sport (we're not sure what number two on his list is).

Just to ensure everything is above board, Mr Rojek has included the requisite declaration at the end of his election material.

“Authorised by Buddy Rojek, Palmer United Party 35 Bell St Torquay 3228. Printed by me!”

Mr Rojek’s Twitter feed is just as enjoyable as his election material.

"Wandering around Belmont in the appearance of a homeless person. I smell and am unshaven. I have awesome intel and will tweet all day," he tweeted this morning.

He also urges followers to join him on Facebook, where he promises 'controversial photos' complete with a smiley face wink.

Corangamite is currently the nation’s most marginal seat, held by Labor’s Darren Cheeseman on a margin of just 0.3%.

Perhaps the promise of such a rocking shindig will be enough to swing things Mr Rojek’s way. But volunteers will need to get in soon, there’s only room for 300 people at the Belmont Hotel on September 7.