French 'spiderman' in amazing climb

He has made his name as a daredevil climber, and Alain Robert has completed his latest stunt – climbing the iconic Habana Libre hotel in Cuba without a safety net.

The 50-year-old Frenchman climbed 27 floors in just 28 minutes without a safety net or ropes – although he admitted his main concern had not been the 126-metre height of the building but its brittle façade.

Hundreds of tourists gathered to watch the human spiderman and, unlike many of his previous stunts he had been given permission by Cuban authorities.

Previously, he has climbed the Empire State Building in New York and Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

The hotel is one of Cuba’s most iconic buildings, taken over after the 1959 Cuban revolution.

The French daredevil casts his eye over the Habana Libre Hotel. Photo: AAP

A little girl watches as Alain races up the building. Photo: AAP

Alain did not use a safety net or harness. Photo: AAP

Alain celebrates after reaching the top. Photo: AAP

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