Volunteers in bid to clean up Sydney Harbour

A group of volunteers is mounting a bid to clean up the rubbish around Sydney Harbour and needs your help to turn the tide.

Voltunteers in bid to clean up Sydney Harbour

Voltunteers in bid to clean up Sydney Harbour

Volunteers from the Two Hands project have made it their mission to rescue the harbour from being steadily trashed.

The group recently launched an effort to clean up Taylor's Bay near Taronga Zoo and their efforts are inspiring people everywhere.

Another group, Eco Divers, is going underwater to tackle Sydney Harbour's garbage problem from the deep end.

"As a diver you see this stuff and if it was on land you would be disgusted and you would do something about it," said diver Dave Thomas.

"The stuff on the bottom has been accumulating for 200 years and its only now were really trying to pull it out in any sort of quantity - it's been out of sight and out of mind."

Removing rubbish from the harbour also stops it being carried further by ocean currents and collecting in larger garbage patches.

Currents off Sydney carry on towards New Zealand and beyond.

But not all the rubbish that flows into Sydney harbour sinks.

Over 900 tonnes a year washes up its beaches and gets trapped in the rocky shore.

Two Hands and Eco Divers hope that by cleaning up Sydney Harbour, they can make a difference to a much bigger global garbage disaster.

To help the clean-up visit www.ecodivers.org.au and www.twohandsproject.org.

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