Woman survives live grenade lodged in face

Woman survives live grenade lodged in face

Woman survives live grenade lodged in face

It sounds like something you'd see in an action thriller, but for a Mexican woman it was more like a nightmare.

Mother-of-three Karla Flores, dubbed the "Miracle Woman", was just selling seafood on the street when she heard a bang and was struck by something that knocked her to the ground, the Daily Mail reported.

She soon lost consciousness before waking up in Culiacán General Hospital.

Karla believed she had been struck by a rock when she spoke with doctors after she woke up.

"The doctor asked me what happened. I told him that I thought a stone hit me," she said.

"Then they started to look and discovered that it was some kind of projectile, but they didn't know what it was."

X-rays found a strange object lodged between the superior and inferior jawbones, and doctors soon discovered it was a live grenade.

The explosive device, launched from a grenade launcher, miraculously didn't explode when it hit Karla's face, and become lodged in her jaw.

The hospital was immediately placed on alert, as the grenade was still at risk of exploding at any moment, killing those within 32ft.

Hospital staff called for volunteers to operate on the stricken woman, and four brave people came forward to try and remove the explosive.

Karla was moved to an open field where, with the help of military experts, the doctors were able to remove the device in a highly-tense four-hour operation.

Karla will have to bear the scar of her brush with death for the rest of her life, and she will require operations over the next three years.

Police are investigating the incident.

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